(9-12 am / 2-5 pm)
This is one of the pieces of the real Inka trail that connected all the Sacred Valley along the “Vilcanota” river.

This trek begins at our location of “Hacienda del Chalán” located in Paucarbamba community in the hearth of the Sacred Valley of the Inkas and finish in Ollantaytambo.

 Along this path will be possible to cross many grow areas of white corn (The biggest of the world), visit a small colonial church of “Pachar”  that was build in the XVI century, observe there the actual life system, visit the Inka granaries “Qolqas”, the small Inka bridge from this mestizo town, some Inka complexes like “Choqana”, big terraces complexes located to both sides of the valley and finally arrive to the marvelous Inka bridge of Ollantaytambo that cross the “Vilcanota” river.

Ollantaytambo is one of the most important Inka towns that is still on life, here is possible to see the original Inka urban organization, with many water cannels, where most of the houses´ first floor were build by the Inkas made of stone and the second floor were build by the spaniels after 1532. In this town there are many traditional restaurants where you´ll have the chance to enjoy of the local gastronomy.

PRICE: 50 US$ (1-14 persons). 60 US$ (15-30 persons)


Experimented English, Spanish and Dutch speaker tour guide.

Mondays to Saturdays.